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Not bad at all. ^^

Pretty good idea for a flsh. ^^ I always love seeing Zelda fan flashes on newgrounds. And I think this deserved the front page. ^^ Congrats. ^^ Just keep practicing and animating. X3

It was alright

You obviously put effort into it. The only thing that really bothered me was your judgment of the individual characters strengths. Like the fact that Link would die instantly if he ever crossed either Sephiroth or Cloud.

Potential It Has

It was pretty good. ^^ I enjoyed watching this animated version of the game. The only thing I think needs improvement is the animation and voices. Other than that it was great! XD

cobra0528 responds:

Animation-Based on a manga
Voices- meant to be somewhat funny
Thank you

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First one was scarier but...

That doesn't mean it wasn't good. It was definitely great. The artwork was superb and the puzzles were very well thought out. Definitely worth playing. Made me actually play the first one too. ^^ However there were some downfalls. But these are only my opinions. Just opinions. Other than the ending music I feel that the music throughout the game didn't give the flash justice. It could have been better. Plus the bursts of dramatic music that came whenever I found something actually annoyed me more than frightened. Well to be honest then didn't frighten me. And as I stated above, it wasn't as scary as the first. But maybe you weren't trying to make it scarier than the last. I don't fully understand the situation so I won't prejudge. Just saying that this contest is to either make something "REALLY SCARY", or just funny as well. I feel the best inspiration for something truly horrifying is Silent Hill. Maybe you could do something like that next time. But these are only my opinions and I just thought I could help you out. Keep on animating. ^^


You got talent dude. But why did you do something so disgusting and horrible? And why do you trace pictures? I recognize a lot of them. I know that you know how to draw. But if you can, than why don't you do it? I'd like to see something unperverted and animated.

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This is simply beatutful. I can't even begin te comprehend on how you did this.XD Then again, i have no idea how or what program or just plain WHAT is used to make these. But I'm sure it's not easy.

When life gives you lemons, make grape juice, then sit back and watch the world wonder how you did it.

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