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Ledend of Zeld UO was my fav flash on newgrounds, not lieing, so it sucks to see someone like you just quit such a great series. Although I understand your point, it really sucks how you just end a series like that. But I don't want to be a bitch about it because like I said I understand your point that you want to get views for your original content,but I think I can speak for all of the UO fans that I'm kinda disappointed. But oh well, hopefully someone will make another great zelda series in the future. Good luck with the new stuff. :]

Hoping you still check this profile from time to time, for the sake of reading this.
Are you sure you want to stop with the Zelda UO? What captures the starting watchers is the fact that it's Zelda related, but from then on, it's because of the animation, the art style, the voices, the humor, the pauses at the right moments and the speed when it's needed. I think the Zelda UO project is incredibly well done and I ask, urge, plead, no, I beg of you to consider bringing it up again. Since I found it (which was about the time you were working on the sixth), I've been looking forward to the next. This isn't me saying 'work on it', it's more of a 'think of the people who are left hanging, can you do something for me/them?'.
If you're sure you don't want to work on them at all anymore, then maybe you could consider making a closing one, because with the most recent, you've left people hanging with the start of a new journey, the introduction of a new character, and a possible deviation from the origional storyline. (Although I'm sure you've already deviated from it. Haven't read the manga yet, but some things look like they're definatelly your style.)
Again. I'd just like to ask you to reconsider bringing more laughs to this site. Considering some of the front page quality nowadays, I'd say it's needed.
By the way, I'd like to praise your Kuzai Blue artwork. I think it's well done. With just one color, you were able to make a great piece of work. I especially like your style of drawing. Haven't seen any other form like it. Might've already influenced my own style of drawing (If I pick it up again.)
I'll go ahead and write that if this isn't responded to by some point (maybe a week or two), I'll assume you haven't read it. Not for the sake of spamming, but for the sake of asking you to resume your previous work again.

>_< dam you dam you to hell

YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY im so sad i love zelda UO i wish there was more well this suck i was really looking forward to the next one and the guy 2 coments upis right at first people are captured by the zelda series but after that they are captivated by the storyline the animation the epic fight scenes and the sweet voice acting this is a sad day on newgrounds when an awsome animator decides to stop working on one of their best (in my opinion besides the wookos stuff) works i will now be sad there is no more man this sucks i wish you would work on it again is there a possibility of maybe more after colledge huh i mean everyone who loves this series would definatly not give you shit if it took forever if you were gonna continue but now people are gonna be like god damn it >_<


DOOD, like zelda UO was the BEST in newgrounds i mean the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the freaking BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know you wanna get your name out there, but zelda uo had like AWESOME storyline AWESOME graphics AWESOME voiceing i mean really, zelda uo was at the TOP if you polish the graphics up a little bit you can get it to be a MOVIE!!!....... ohwell, ime not gonna try to mess stuff up for you but i hope you change your mind and continue zelda uo and at final words i really loved that series T_T

it was fun while it lasted but im sad now oo well we just have to deal with his decition
and i totaly buched that word
have a great time scoot

Well, this is a TOTAL disapointment man!!! This was 1 of my fav series on NG; and now it's gone! <:C But, I do understand what your saying. I mean your wanting/hoping to get reconised by YOUR own work and not get credit and praise simply by tweaking something Shigeru Miyamoto created right? But, I have to agree w/ what " HeliosNova" said about it being Zelda related that captured the starting watchers of the series. ( Hell, I know that's why I 1st clicked on it, was because it was a Zelda flash ) but, the reason why most ppl KEPT watching/got into wasen't because it was Zelda; but, because of all the things YOU did to make it what it was. There are a TON of Zelda ( not to mention Mario, Sonic etc, etc, ) flashes I just cannot stand to watch 'cuz they were poorly done. But when I watched your series I didn't feel I was watching a video game/Zelda flash; I felt like I was watching a brand new Anime! Honest that's what it felt like when I watched your Zelda UO series! Like I was watching an Anime! I wouldn't be surprised if you made a career making Anime, w/ how talented you are.

So, I'm hoping you'll read this and giv what I said some thought and maybe, hopefully bring back Zelda UO. If not then I will be very disapointed but, I'll respect your decision none-the-less.

Well, either way good luck in the future.


Of course you won't be reading this, but at least get a FAN or something to write up what was left of the damn story. I mean, COME ON, you dangle Twilight Midna in front of us and expect us not to wonder? Real shitty man, real shitty situation.

Damn you! LoZ: UO was my absolute fav! You leave us with a huge cliffhanger and abandon us. :( Ah well, hopefully that day will come when you re-continue with the series...

Hey Scoot, man Im sad, LoZ US was, and is, one of my favorite series, and I understand that you need your original stuff to get noticed, but dont quit this series! you can do what you want, but promise (if you wanna) that once you have your original stuff noticed, and get big, PLEASE continue d=this one, at least just to finish it. But Im not gonna bee al emo-in-wait, so Ill watch your other stuff too (really, I started watching you for your skills man), so while this is on HIATUS, Ill keep watching you master your skills.
Hope you get big man, I really do.

oops, heh, misspeled Loz UO :P

Hmm... This really does make me sad, and like many others, Zelda UO was one of my favorite series on Newgrounds, And I thought for sure that you were going to finish it... I am looking forward to your new animation, but plead to you (Even if it will go unanswered) to continue zelda UO. But I understand your reasons, so I will hold zelda UO in my memories fondly and wait for more of your new work to came.

RIP: Zelda UO, 2006-2009

you have let me down so far, i talked to satan.

UO was one of the BEST art-like flashes i have seen in all my years of being on newgrounds. i used to even spend a whole day watching them just to remember. the animation's view's are NOT only from being a zelda-related flash. some people(like me) watch them not to see the similatrities, but to see the work and time put into an animation to make it great. you have truly made a very horrible decision.

Sad ._. put it here instead of on ur new one since u probably dont want the zelda uo comments there xD i enjoyed the series an wish it could have gone on to atleast a proper ending but if you dont wanna work on it ya dont wanna work on it ~.~ guess people will just have to go sob in the various emo corners of the world

Look, it wasn't cool of you to treat the series like it was shit okay? thats what pissed me off. It was really the only work i enjoyed from you, since i never got into whookos and it had better animation. and for you to talk of it like it was a stupid children show which you decided to hate so passionately as you left for collage. couldn't you have at least finished it before leaving? leaving the series like that is what my dad would call a half-ass job. but its your life. so do whatever you fucking want. now i dont have anything to do on newgrounds.

I wouldnt say that about Zelda UO

Although it is Zelda related youve put your own great twists and characteres into it that make it amazing. If it wer just another replay of teh original story, i would have never watched it. But all the new characters and twists such as Diggs (my Fav) and the dark organization which reminded me of badass Final Fantasy characters got me into teh series.

I could say that it was better then the original story of Zelda Itself! Although its from a creation made by a different company, Its something that even the people who hadnt ever played Zelda could enjoy.

Im dissapointed but i still understand your thoughts wish you good luck with your journey through college and your new creations! Have Fun! And if you do ever get the time, throw another Zelda UO out there for us who still have hope to see more to have a final farewell to teh series!

no man come on

Ah fuck.

It was good while it lasted. But I guess not all good things come to an end eh?

I hope you do come back to this profile eventually and see how many fans you really do have, not because of the fact UO was Zelda, but because of the fact it was your original work that was original in almost every way, shape and form other than the characters (who were also completely different from the game itself).

I am sad to see this series will never be completed, however, being a teenager of nearly 17 who is going to Uni after the Summer, I can see where you're coming from. I'll soon need to get somewhere and realise I don't have all the time in the world either.

However, if you could. I beg of you to continue creating this awesome series. I know you probably won't, because you've already moved and probably won't see this comment... But here's hoping.

I'll be checking out your new account though. You're a good animator.

Thank you for Zelda UO. It was fun while it lasted. Good day sir. I look forward to the future of your flash career.

- RyanRoxx

Aw damn and here I was hoping to ask if i could have a part later on in the series DX but I do hope this series will start up again soon; I'd really and would probably pay money maybe to see it start again.

you have lost your geatest creation. you should just not even bother to animate on here anymore. it was getting good enough where me and a few other people voted a while back on you getting a new tablet. im glad you didnt win, scince it wouldve gone to waste.

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